Who Is Eligible?

Recipients of the Jim Deaver Fire Academy Scholarship are cadets graduating from Fresno City College Fire Academy.

How We Help

To attend the FCC Fire Academy, cadets must pay approximately $2,800 in tuition, supplies, and other fees. We provide four $500 scholarships twice a year, $4,000 yearly, to help cadets offset a portion of the expense incurred in receiving their education.  

Want to Apply?

If you are looking to apply for the scholarship, click here for more information. 

Congratulations Class #54!

With the support of the community, the DFC has awarded approximately $20,000 total in scholarships to the following recipients:

*Class #54* December 2020

Lestee Ceasar

Andrew Gregory

Tyler Hagen

Richard Medellin


*Class #53* May 2020

Isaac Torres

Miles Daniele

Conner Mansheim

Fer Yang

*Class #52* December 2019

Zachary Dollarhide

Richard Ontiveros

Janeen Schulze

Johnny Torres

*Class #51* May 2019

Jonah Biechler

Juan Carrasco

Brad Napier

Hieu Pham

*Class #50* December 2018

Scott Buckowski

Emily Gade

Keegan Jones

Adam Lufkin

*Class #49* August 2018

Anthony Holguin 

Atrahy Ruiz

Noah Sanchez

*Class #48* December 2017

Ryan Burk

Whitney Cotton

Johnathon Davila

Boun Xiong

Julian Zertuche

*Class #47* August 2017

Janice Damo

Ryan Jay

Cody King

Tanner Munroe

Kenneth Kirkman

David McLelan

Kevin Smith