Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money for cadets accepted to attend Fresno City College Fire Academy by providing financial assistance to offset the cost of tuition, uniforms, and/or supplies in order to support cadets in their pursuit of higher education, and be a part of making their dream of becoming a firefighter a reality.

Executive Board Members

Socorro Gonzalez-Deaver, President

Michelle Azpiroz, Vice President

Joseph Gill, Editor-in-Chief

Rosa Vargas, Treasurer

Administrative Staff Members

Nyssa Gill, Communications Coordinator

Michelle Azpiroz, Minutes Secretary

Michelle Azpiroz, Correspondence Secretary

Subcommittee Chairs

Rosa Vargas, Auction Subcommittee Chair

Vacant, Decorations Subcommittee Chair

Rosa Vargas, Donations Subcommittee Chair

Valerie Liles, Food/Venue Subcommittee Chair

Socorro Gonzalez-Deaver, Merchandise Subcommittee Chair

Vacant, Public Relations Subcommittee Chair

Socorro Gonzalez-Deaver, 50/50 Raffle Subcommittee Chair

Michelle Azpiroz, Ticket Subcommittee Chair

Denise Champion, Volunteer Subcommittee Chair

Subcommittee Members

Jennifer Anderson, Auction Subcommittee Member

Alexia Gonzalez, Decorations Subcommittee Member

Ariana Gonzalez, Decorations Subcommittee Member Michelle AzpirozDecorations Subcommittee Member

Paula MorenoDecorations Subcommittee Member

Jennifer Anderson, Donations Subcommittee Member

Vacant, Food/Venue Subcommittee Member

Vacant, Merchandise Subcommittee Member

Betty Tanimoto, 50/50 Raffle Subcommittee Member

Roy Tanimoto, 50/50 Raffle Subcommittee Member

Rosa Vargas, Ticket Subcommittee Member

Michelle Azpiroz, Ticket Subcommittee Member

Subcommittee Volunteers

Maria Gonzalez, 50/50 Raffle Subcommittee Volunteer

Ramon Gonzalez, 50/50 Raffle Subcommittee Volunteer

Vacant, Volunteer Subcommittee Volunteer